Big Damn Dryden

Big Damn Dryden is an upcoming RPG set in the hard sci-fi universe of the Dryden Experiment. What is the Dryden Experiment? We’ll, I’m going to handball that one over to Joel Stottlemire, founder and editor of the experiment:

Video of Joel explaining the experiement:

Dryden Experiment WordPress page:

Now my bit.

The book itself, Big Damn Dryden, is being written using Owlman’s existing Big Damn Sci-Fi system. It is set in Dryden’s Primer era, and based heavily around the corporations and their conflicts that take place in that era. In Big Damn Dryden, players will take on the role of a Cell of Cubies, off-the-books trouble shooters for corporations, who engage in acts of corporate warfare, exploration, investigation and espionage on behalf of their patrons. The game is being made to emphasize the near-exclusively Human era of the Primer, replacing the existing Species Features with Context and Path Skins – the history, skills and acquired eccentricities of a particular character.

Big Damn Dryden

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