Going Over The Top

Unlike my previous games – Frankenstein Atomic Frontier and Big Damn Sci-Fi – Over the Top hasn’t been designed from an idea for a game. I had an idea for a setting, but not a game system. I’d started out wanting to do a fantasy variant of Frankenstein Atomic Frontier – something like the Savage Sword of Science! But I also wanted it to have that traditional Fantasy RPG feel and appeal for the already wide range of players of that genre. So, I was playing Mutant Future and Labyrinth Lord and decided to take advantage of their generous licencing in that vicinity. I started out writing a class (the Talos) and a bunch of equipment… the equipment quickly went from 19th century to 1900s and more and more in the research, I began reading about World War One and slowly, as the setting developed, I applied the Labyrinth Lord fantasy template of Dwarves, Elves, magic and Kingdoms to 1910s earth… Over the Top was born, and somewhere along the way the Frankenstein element was forgotten (it’ll probably resurface somewhere else).

So… what is Over the Top?

Over the Top is a steampunk fantasy tabletop role-playing setting based in a world where industry, magic and trench warfare co-exist.

And an upcoming product from Owlman Press.

Going Over The Top

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