Working with the wonderfully talented Kat Heywood ( is an interest and delightful experience. For my previous RPGs I’ve either done the artwork myself or employed stock art and I’ve got to say having an artist on board is both a liberating and terrifying experience. It means I can focus more time on writing, or that other thing I often ignore: promotion. On the other hand, it also means that I have to be very clear about my vision of the setting and also respect that other people will draw inspiration from other sources. And after working with Kat and seeing the images she is producing I’ve seen the setting through a different set of eyes and started to both ask myself and review the basic concepts of the setting. Why are there only Human, Dwarves and Elves as playable characters…. Why not Trolls or Apes or whatever… My vision of Magos was rooted firmly in applying the classic fantasy template to 1910s Earth. With some of the thoughts and questions Kat is prompting, it’s starting to feel more like a fantasy world in its own right… Oh and her artwork is awesome, which is an added boon!

Kat’s artwork… it kicks donkey (ass). it’s not 100% historically accurate for the First World War. But it is WW1-esq, with a nice diesel punk/fantasy vibe to it. And that is a big strength, not a weakness. She really captures the “fantastic” bit of the fantasy, but also drawing on clear reference material from the First World War so it looks and feels 1910s without consigning the players to history. Don’t get me wrong, being a historian is a big part of my day job BUT it is not the be-all-and-end-all of my life. And while the game has a lot of storming the trenches and 1910s technology, it’s nice to reassure folks that they can still do a good old fashion dungeon hack, some snooping in a big city, chasing down magical artefacts, pick up jobs in the local pub, and all that other standard fantasy RPG stuff… or leap from one zeppelin to the other, get into car chases and other Diesel Punk adventures as well.


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