Lucius bounded through the alleyway, pin-balling his way on bruised and cut-up legs from corrugated iron wall to an uneven stack of garbage bins. He turned the corner frantically, stumbling and running momentarily on all fours like some great ape. The bloodhounds were a mere three heart beats behind him. Not literal dogs, no. But Terra Corp HOI tracer drones. Four autonomous quadcopter units, equipped with powerful processors and sharp sensory arrays that looked somewhat like an uneven swarm of black, glass eyeballs dangling in a tangled mess from the main body. In the blink of an eye they scanned the alleyway, picking up every residual heat signature, foot print, drop of blood or sweat and just about anything else that Lucius had left behind. The bounty hunters on the other end of the data feed from the bloodhounds watched them work via a GPS monitor. They moved themselves, not in the bloodhound’s wake but in anticipation of Lucius’ own movements. It would only be a matter of time…


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