The Pre-Alpha Book

I’m happy to say that the first draft of Big Damn Dryden is done. What does that mean? It means we’ve got a finished and playable role-play core book from start (background) to finish (NPCs). At the same time, it also means there is quite a bit of work ahead. To get to an Alpha-test stage, both myself and Dryden’s editor-in-chief, Joel Stottlemire, are going to give the book a good once-over in which we respectively write two lists. The first is a wish-list of everything we could ever possibly want to add to Big Damn Dryden from existing materials. From the first list, one of two things will happen. Either items will be added to the game core book itself or added to another list of possible supplement materials and books in the near future. The second list will consist of areas that look like they need adjustment or attention at a first glance. I’ve already got an idea of a few things to add or tweak – Power Armour for instance. That’s the work side of it anyway. The fun side is that play begins very soon…

The Pre-Alpha Book

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