Page Layouts

Over The Top, at least the first bit of it, is at that exciting stage where we start playing with page layouts and editing the text (thanks again to the ever wonderful Kat Heywood for doing an amazing job on the artwork! You can see some if below). That basically means the rules are all play-tested and ready for release into the big bad wild, we’ve given it a decent run-through with a short campaign, in short: the game has been played. Essentially this means we’re getting the core document of the setting together, one that contains all the introductory matter, the stuff that makes Over The Top… well… Over The Top and not Middle Earth. Behind this document sits a short, four-adventure campaign set around one small portion of the setting and exploring the fundamental conditions of trench warfare, also hinting at some of the wider history and setting. Beyond that, its planning a second short campaign and another expansion of the setting. Essentially this means that Over The Top will be coming out in “books”, more like a novel series than a traditional RPG. Each book will contain an expansion of the setting and a series of adventures…

ott3 ott ott2

Page Layouts

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