Chris, hair up and back, was male. Hair down and out, female – though, naturally the right change of attire was necessary for both to fit their perquisite social protocols. Bio-cos-medical adjustment allowed carefully selected attire to function for either gender-designation: though this aspect of identity was more for Chris’ employer. Chris was, to Chris, simply Chris. But from the perspective of the Lin Corporation, both had their advantages; both came with a distinct set of rules: including those for changing between categories, though as far as Chris’ employer was concerned it was really more a thing for field reports than formal paperwork, at least outside the office. And so long as Lin’s rules were followed, Chris could be either or neither. Lin liked clean, uncomplicated results. And a pretty girl with a slip shot waiting nearby would resolve this problem before some messy bounty hunters spewed bullets and blood in the crowded streets. The meeting between Chris and Lucius would be incidental. Chris hacked the HOI drones’ feed and knew where Lucius was heading. At the right moment, the perfect act of precision timing, Chris would cross the “x” shaped alley-way into Lucius’ path. They would collide, and Chris would offer help: a simple plan.


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