Playtesting Approaches

Well, yes, pretty much what the heading says. But Dryden is getting a pretty epic playtest thanks to Boom Comics in Kansas, USA, and their string of stores. Play testing not only when I’m not only not involved directly or even on the same continent is an exciting development. There is a strength, these days when we’re all given equal access to the means of production and publication, in collaboration – in making and building friendships and alliances, that is truly the future of many small artistic industries. I may have watched table top role-play games become a more mainstream industry in my lifetime, along with witnessing the variety of producers and content expand with the introduction of the D20 system and the advent of open game licences (hell, I probably wouldn’t be doing Owlman without it – while Over the Top is my first engagement as a third party licensee, seeing what other people do and could achieve with their own works inspired me to do my own thing. But it’s also an industry of small press, particularly with the advent of PDFs. There are and will always be big fish out there – Fantasy Flight and Wizards of the Coast come to mind in particular. But most RPGs out there are made by decidedly smaller entities and when you’re on the smaller end of the small, playing well with others is a huge strength. In short, Dryden is and continues to be a pretty damn inspiring experience.

Playtesting Approaches

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