Gearing up for Round Two

So far Over The Top is consisting of a “core” book – a fifteen page PDF that will be entitled a “character primer” – and a short campaign/series of adventures entitled “The Keys.” As far as releases go, I am envisioning a series of monthly rounds in which one or two PDFs would come out until they are all out, each with a “coming next” preview section. So the Character Primer and The Keys is round one. The Keys is also a bit of a liminal idea, with the adventure itself hinting at and touching on the deep, dark history of the continent of Magos. So in this sense, the Keys links directly to round two’s first book – a Game Master Guide entitled “Setting Guide” which will contain a detailed history of Magos, along with monsters and magic items (such as the War Elemental and Magic Firearms) drawn directly from said history. This book is currently in the process of being written, along with another series of adventures to go with it. As far as releasing works goes for Over The Top, I’ve elected to wait until everything is written, the art is in, and the playing is more or less done before releasing anything. Then again, I could just wake up in the morning and cut loose, crying havoc and unleashing the dogs of war… bringing out Over The Top in a haphazard, frantic frenzy of publication! Who knows…

Gearing up for Round Two

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