The Secret War

Aldric ran, haphazardly, through the vast cavernous tunnels beneath No Man’s Land – holding his lantern out before him to light the way. While massed rows of soldiers died up above, Dwarf and Miner had built a vast network of tunnels beneath the Western Front. In these tunnels, a far more brutal war took place. Small arms were cast aside here, as a mixture of mining equipment and explosives were used to make the tunnels and any shot could lead to immeasurable disaster. Here, beneath the front, soldiers fought hand-to-hand, like some brutal gladiatorial contest. But it was not the enemy Aldric and his peers had fought today, but something else. They had tunnelled into a ruin and went exploring. This was not unheard of, as the Elves had built many an old establishment, now lost. But as the miners ventured deeper, Aldric saw the Elfish themselves had built their own over something far older. And then, they came. Wheeling as he neared some half-tumbled stairs, Aldric saw the entire band had followed him – upright, five-foot-something rats that wore tattered shreds of clothing and held ancient weapons in articulated hands. The vermin took Aldric’s pause as an opportunity and clustered around him. Taking a step towards the stairs, the rat-folks ranks closed quickly in that direction – leaving Aldric with no room to manoeuver. At least Aldric could be comforted by the fact that they feared his escape. Setting his lantern down slowly, Aldric reached for his trench-knife…

The Secret War

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