Playing with others, Cover Art and Breakaway Characters

I’ve recently come into a couple of collaborations through the game I wrote with my wife: Big Damn Sci-Fi. The first one is probably the most well publicized so far… I’ve written about it here quite a bit, and that is Big Damn Dryden, the adaption on two fronts – Big Damn Sci-Fi to the Dryden Universe, the Dryden Universe to a table-top role-play setting. The second one is with Don VanAusdoll, an artist and fellow Dryden Experimenter who is constituting Big Damn Sci-Fi’s (and Owlman’s) first third party licensee. Don is producing a wonderful and fully illustrated Alien Anthology for Big Damn Sci-Fi chocked full of different species that are ready to insert into any universe or game setting people out there might be running. I’m currently editing it and it is looking good. Don’s got a varied selection of aliens in there from the “it could be an animal, it might be sentient” Bolldahn to the “straight from the 1950s” Guardbot. I’m itching to use some of these in my games. Next, there is Over The Top with the wonderful artist Kat Heywood. Also, much talked about on here. My wife and myself also produced Steampunk and Mecha books for Big Damn Sci-Fi which I hope to playtest together (clockwork mechs!) at some point in the near future.

And that brings us back to Big Damn Dryden. When world-building, playing and playtesting, you tend to get that one character that pops up in the meta-plot: the one that steals the show and becomes the iconic individual for the game. The one that becomes the Non-Player Character every Game Master puts in their adventures at some point. In television, you call such characters a “breakaway” character – someone who stands out, even compared to the protagonist. For Big Damn Dryden, I’m thinking that character is Ms. Okuda, created by Joel Stottlemire, illustrated for the cover (see below) by Gavin Revitt, and stated for the game by myself. So I guess you could call Ms. Okuda something of a composite character comprised of all the different efforts of everyone who has a hand in producing Big Damn Dryden so far.

Amazing cover art straight from Gavin's PC!
Amazing cover art straight from Gavin’s PC!


Who is Ms. Okuda?

Ms. Okuda

Everyone knows that corporate intrigues are sometimes best solved with the help of an outside hand.  In this niche, Ms. Lucy Okuda has built herself a reputation as the top-of-line assassin at M-Prove, a freelance assassination service. Enhanced and adjusted by M-Prove through nanobots and a neuron interweave across her brain, Ms. Okuda forgets the details of the tasks she has undertaken in the course of fulfilling a contract – including the assassination itself. The combination of deadly training and augmentation with preprogramed forgetfulness make Ms. Okuda the ideal choice for discretion. Despite what some contractors realize, Ms. Okuda is aware of who she is and what she does. And more than one contract has unintentionally included the death of the patron after a bout of inappropriate behaviour. The body’s location, however, was promptly forgotten.

Context Skins: Adjusted, Preterhuman.

Path Skins: Gunslinger, Soldier, Warrior.

Arcana 3, Intuition 6, Shatter 4, Vitality 6

Barrier 4, Defence 6 (5 unarmored), Wounds 10

Armory: Desperado Pistol (+3), E35 Dagger (+1), EFS Leather Armour (+1), HOT Shotgun (+3), ZSC Scanner-eye (+3).

Playing with others, Cover Art and Breakaway Characters

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