Anthology of the Other is Comming

A while ago Don Van Ausdoll and I were put in contact together through the Dryden Experiment and our mutual friend, Joel Strottlemire. After we got chatting back and forth, Don purposed the idea for an alien anthology for Big Damn Sci-Fi. After hashing out the details – Don would do the artwork and writing, I’d edit and in exchange, Don would get a third-party licence to publish his own Big Damn Sci-Fi books (and I’m telling you, it’s going to be very exciting to see the direction Don takes it!) – and a bit of a wait, some of Don’s work started rolling through. Now we’re sitting at the end of that process and we’re look at a pretty nice book. The advantage of Don working on this kind of book is largely that he’s not me. Don’s ideas are different to mine and they add a different dimension to Big Damn Sci-fi, broadening the whole. Aside from the whole menagerie of Species’ Don has added, he’s also invented laser swords, implied that there was a universe before the current one, created the Forbidden Zone (I don’t know what the Forbidden Zone is, but it sounds awesome!) and wide collection of other features. Also, Don is an artist as well as an author – meaning for the first time Big Damn Sci-Fi players will see and Game Masters will also be able to show Species in visual detail. Anthology of the Other is fast approaching publication, in the meantime check out some sample pages below.AOTO sample1AOTO sample2

Anthology of the Other is Comming

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