Big Damn Dryden nears its end

Big Damn Dryden is shaping up to be a bit of a special book for me. Not only is it my first commercial release for a publisher other than Owlman, it’s also the first book where an entire team has been involved from Joel’s editing and Gavin’s art to playtest groups in Ballarat, Manhattan and Idaho (thanks to Don VanAusdol for pulling that one together). Big Damn Dryden is also the first core book I’ve written that can’t be classified as slim line. That is to say, it has more than background and core rules but contains an introduction with fiction along with a Game Master’s section. For those of you who have read and played Frankenstein Atomic Frontier, Artificial Exotics or Big Damn Sci-Fi you’ll know how different this is from how I normally write and work and how much of an expansive departure this is from the established style. It is also my first work coming out in print with makes it extra special. So I guess that’s a roundabout way of saying thanks to Dryden House for everything they’ve done and are doing for this book along with the opportunity to write for them. And you know, the royalties at some point in the future…

Big Damn Dryden nears its end

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