Frankenstein Kills Again!

When I initially started writing RPGs, Frankenstein Atomic Frontier was my first and right then and there I said there’d be no subsequent editions. Oh my how times change… I came to the realization a few months ago that a) my writing of RPGs had became quite a bit more robust and b) that I’d stopped writing Frankenstein. But I did have a very large pile of notes on the setting, ideas for future books, a whole swag of monsters and character’s that I’d simply invented for my own personal games, tools for running the game that I’d never shared, and a whole swag of experience in my won setting. Part of the idea, then of doing a revised edition is to bring a lot of that extra stuff and additional experience into the game – to put it into the hands of players old and new, along with developing a more robust, more definitive rulebook that contained a lot more material. In doing so the world of the Sublime transformed from one that was roughly sketched out in those first few pages of the original core book and expanded on in dribs and drabs to one with a very finite and identifiable geography. A sense of space and character came into the post-apocalyptic landscape of my world. Other ideas were crystalized as well. The Creators, for instance, came to the fore not merely as a specter on the horizon but a real and present threat to the Adam’s. Radiation, cold and other rules as well became clear and present dangers. All in all, it has become a evolved and provocative game and setting…

You can check out the revised edition on RPGNow!

Frankenstein Kills Again!

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