Embrace the Other

A while ago, Joel Stottlemire (the mad genius behind Dryden House and its avant-garde approach to publishing, franchise building and copyright) introduced me to Don Van Ausdoll, an artist and writer like myself with a keen interest in roleplaying games and Science Ficiton. Don and I had a lot to talk about, given that we both ran Small Press RPG companies (Owlman, naturally, for me – VanDragon Studio for Don. Keep an eye on VanDragon people! They’ve got a licence to publish their own Big Damn Sci-Fi products and will no doubt be doing some exciting stuff with it in the future). And as we were talking, we got around to Big Damn Sci-Fi. Don pointed out that while the game presented fast, evocative play and character creation the two-thousand word format books left a lot to be desired in terms of presenting a galaxy populated by a broad menagerie of aliens and purposed an Alien Anthology book presenting a varied collection of new and detailed Species to the game. I couldn’t have agreed more with Don and away he went with it! And now, several months down the road, here we are with Anthology of the Other released into the wild! Go check it out at RPGNow!


Embrace the Other

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