Three days from the border to the Forbidden Zone they began passing derelicts and Corvo had started getting nervous. He’d sit by the view-screen in his captain’s chair in a pool of his own cold sweat and watch as they passed one broken starship after the next. The crew did not share Corvo’s fear. While Corvo was a human, the crew were Guardbots and even if these androids did remove their visor-blasters to show their faces, there would be no more or less emotion than Corvo saw now – which was little and located squarely in Corvo’s imagination. Still, three days from the Forbidden Zone, Corvo saw many a derelict starship strewn across space like some drifting metal scarecrow, but little solid threat to give his fears credit. Two days from the Forbidden Zone strange incidents began to occur. One of the derelicts Corvo passed drifted, and began to follow in his vessel’s wake – exploding in close proximity and damaging the engines. Another two drifted towards Crovo’s vessel on some collision course. One derelict, a salvage vessel, had a magnetic grapple still active. Everything told Corvo to turn back, which he did not and at the distance of day out from the Forbidden Zone they attacked….


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