Brain Freeze!

So… Big Damn Dryden is wrapping up and coming very close to its release date (November, yay! Exciting… and nerve-wracking… or, as my girl Pinky says, Nervousiting!). A portion of our playtested, however, have requested more… more Skins, more Packages, more Patrons. Most of these end up on a “content for the future” list, where they will be slotted into supplementary books as they are being written. And then there is one consistent request from multiple playtest groups across the world (most notably, Manhattan and Ballarat – Australia). That is, psychic powers. In trying to find a basis for psychic powers in the Dryden universe, I consulted with Dryden commander-in-chief, Joel Stottlemire and looked to history. From Joel, came the idea of psychic powers very limited in the public eye but quite well publicized in terms of the idea itself probably quite prolific in secret circles. From history came Project MKUltra. In history, Project MKUltra was something of a CIA psychic development program that ran throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Within the project, the CIA conducted illegal experiments on human subjects, designed to identify and develop drugs for interrogation and torture. Essentially, these drugs would obtain information via mind control. The project also took on research from a similar Canadian experiment that pertained to the development of… cue the mystery music… psychic abilities. So the angle that I’m approaching psychic abilities for Big Damn Dryden is that they are extra-normal functions of a human that are potentially there for any member of the species, but not automatically so. Rather, they must be developed through experimentation and testing that is dangerous and, in most cases, lethal. Likewise, due to the nature of both their abilities and creation, psychics tend to gravitated towards the outer edges of human society – existing as a small, invisible and thus highly marginal forced-subculture. The book itself will be titled “The Bleeding Mind” and will feature new Skins, Packages and Patrons aimed at high-Arcana characters along with extensive background additions.

Brain Freeze!

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