Innovation and Creativity in Publishing

Sometime before I started this design diary I became acquainted with and began to game design for Dryden House, an innovative and inventive publishing company. Publishing company tends to have the wrong connotation when it comes to Dryden. The company itself functions more like an art collective than it does a traditional publishing company. Herein, creators bring their ideas, their passion, their work into Dryden House which promotes and publishes it into a shared universe in two senses of the word. On one hand, works are slotted into existing genre based categories such as Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy. On other, the worlds and the individual authors contributions to them (in terms of character and setting, not the plot itself) is positioned under creative commons – leaving the door open for any other creator to utilize. And in another innovative, experimental, step Dryden has approached launching Big Damn Dryden through Kickstarter as a means to promote the book and presell it. Check it out HERE.

Innovation and Creativity in Publishing

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