The Bleeding Update

The Bleeding Mind, our second Big Damn Dryden book, is shaping up to be a robust supplement for Big Damn Dryden. In this book, not only are we adding background and rules expansion for the use of Arcana in the game, but we’re adding a whole slew of new concepts and entities to the Dryden Universe in detailing the fringes of its society. A few of these have developed over the course of writing into new Patrons such as the Red Market (an illegal medical establishment) or the Illuminati of Mars (a secret society who totally don’t exist). It also includes a whole range of Skins to represent Psychic Powers and Packages that represent more advanced variants, psychic based Armory items (such as the Squid! The drug that gives you psychic powers at a terrible price – see the story “Dreams” in our previous blog post). It will also feature a robust length adventure. This book is set to be ready at the conclusion of our Kickstarter and is encapsulated, as always, with  a cover by the amazing Gavin Revitt featured here below.

the bleeding mind

The Bleeding Update

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