Captain Stoneborn, a Dwarf with a great red beard who was professed to be a judge before joining the army, turned and unloaded his rifles remaining magazine into a nearby Compact soldier. The soldier, an Elf, had made it across No Man’s Land – dodging the shrapnel from falling artillery, ducking and weaving out of the way of machine gun fire – only to bound into the Alliance trench and meet Stoneborn’s great meaty fist. Stoneborn had been on a tour of the trenches and his display of raw, animal violence, first knocking the Elf to his arse and then requesting a rifle which he used to casually put the enemy soldier down like a some sickened animal, had set the soldiers around him in a state of awestruck terror. Stoneborn turned, smiling – mouth full of great yellow teeth. “Live by the sword, die by it – what Human, Dwarf, Halfling or…” Stoneborn paused, glancing at the Elf. Spitting on the fallen soldier, Stoneborn continued, “Elf would have it any other way. War… War is like stone. It has always been here. And it will always be. It will endure, long after we are all dead. Maybe not this war, but some other bloody conflict to be sure.” Seeing the looks of dismay on the faces of the soldiers surrounding him, Stoneborn laughed: “oh don’t dismay men. You haven’t the time for it. Tomorrow, we’ll all be dead.”


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