Over the Top: Guide to the Past

2364: The war, mostly on the continent of Magos, between the Elven Compact and the Alliance of Many. Now nearly a year old, the Great War has seen trench lines divide Magos and war divide her nations. Across the continent the magic of Magos’ antiquity mixes with the industry of her today, producing monstrous mechanisms for a conflict with no end in sight.

The Great War might be Magos’ biggest and most bloody conflict to date, but it one built on the bones of past wars. From the dawn of time to the Industrial Age, the time of the Elven Imperium to the Craze of Witches, the history of Over the Top is one of blood and magic. Experience the wonder of the Geist times, see the terror of Dis Pater and much more. The Guide to the Past contains:

*Expansion on existing background in the Character Primer.

*A broad-strokes history of Magos and its nations.

*All new industrial and steampunk magic items.

*New monsters specific to Over the Top’s World War One themed setting.

Guide to the Past is out now, check it out HERE.

Over the Top: Guide to the Past

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