Big Damn Things A’Happening

After some last minute edits, the final cut of the Big Damn Dryden core rules are on their way out in print and PDF formats. To celebrate, we had a launch game session and party a little while back. Playing on the day was Dryden House’s head honcho, Joel Strottlemire and in-house editor, Tracy Vincent along with the main man from MoatCon, Russel Sawyer himself. With an adventure involving some aliens that may or may not have really been there we had a blast and you can see the video right HERE. Also alive an active in the world of Big Damn Dryden is its first supplement, the Bleeding Mind. Focusing on introducing psychic powers to the Dryden Universe, the Bleeding Mind is nearing its first full draft. As such, the Bleeding Mind has entered playtesting. So far things are going so good for the Bleeding Mind and it’s looking to add not only a whole new dimension to the core rules, but some interesting new elements to the Dryden Universe itself.

Big Damn Things A’Happening

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