Victor’s Era Resurrected

Victor’s Era began as an alternative setting to my initial game, Frankenstein Atomic Frontier. It is set in an alternate 19th century Earth where the end of Shelley’s novel was re-written. Victor and the monster live, come to terms, and return to London with Walton. There, Victor marries Queen Victoria, bringing with him a scientific revolution that soon places Frankenstein Monsters as wage-slave workers in the factories of Victorian London. Victor’s Era has been around for a while, it was first introduced publically in the Frankenstein Atomic Frontier Spare Part “Amputation” after I had ditched the idea as valid. Amputation got a positive enough response to encourage me to start working on it again. But it didn’t really get anywhere. After years of languishing in production hell and a fun but only somewhat successful round of playtest, I’ve adopted a different approach. I am currently writing for Victor’s Era an entirely new system that will not only evoke the feeling of the Victorian Era and the low-biopunk/steampunk blend of the setting but actively situate the characters into the 19th century during character creation. At least that is the plan… third time is the charm, after all.

Victor’s Era Resurrected

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