The Resurrection Man’s Shop

Gunther had often been left to himself in the Resurrection Man’s shop. A rough construction of Mr. Hare, the shop’s owner and operator, Gunther had gone from simple tool – an aid for the work of making Adam’s, to trusted servant. Made cheaply from offcuts and other spare parts by Mr. Hare, Gunther’s debt had not been much and he had, after some years, nearly half-paid off his debt. Still, when he went to the little back room he called home and sat down at the workman’s bench he had fashioned for himself late at night when his work was done, a feeling of awe and dread came over him. Gunther was at no loss to understand this feeling. As Mr. Hare had done, Gunther had begun to gather the scrap and offal, the unwanted and unused parts and fashion for himself from them a bride. The unfinished body, looked so gloomy and nondescript, little more than a random collection of dead meat that every time Gunther saw it a cold tremble came over him. Like some dismal memory of his own birth he could not quite recall. Sometimes, especially if he glanced in the mirror soon after, Gunther was filled with sorrow or rage at the recollection.

The Resurrection Man’s Shop

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