The Quality System

Victor’s Era will be using a new system I’ve designed called the Quality System. Open, freeform and free flowing, the Quality System is designed to function as a literary system of gameplay first, and a set of raw mechanics second. Check out some of the basics of the system below:

The Rules

All characters have a number of traits called Qualities. These Qualities could be anything from an equipment item to mental or physical prowess to knowing the right people and so forth. All Qualities are rated from one through to twenty-one. At moments of drama and tension in a game session, such as a bar room brawl or tense negotiation, the Game Master may ask the players to state which Quality they are using to resolve the situation, how they are using it, and then to make a Draw. A Draw consists of a number of cards, between one and five. The player Draws one card at a time and may stop Drawing cards any time after the first (i.e. the Draw must consist of at least one card). If the total sum of numerical values of all cards Draw exceeds the Quality’s rating, the Draw is a failure. For the purposes of this game, a Joker is valued at zero, an Ace is valued at one, while a King, Queen or Jack is valued at ten. Should the total value of all cards not exceed the Quality’s rating, then the Draw is passed by the character with each card counting as a success.


Qualities are abilities, traits, tools, assets and other benefits a character possesses. Ideally, each set and arrangement of Qualities is unique to each individual character. The intrepid Explorer, for instance, might have the Qualities of “Elephant Gun” and “Tracking” while the street-smart, savvy Criminal “Brawling” and “Underworld Contacts” as a Quality in and of itself. Generally, each Quality denotes and performs one action. However, multiple Qualities can be arranged into a theme-based Deck to create a more expansive image of the character’s capabilities.


Qualities are arranged into Decks. These are groups of Qualities that are directly related. After character creation, Qualities may be added to an existing Deck at a reduced experience point cost. Likewise, existing Qualities that are part of a Deck may be increased for a reduced point cost. All Qualities within a Deck must be along the same theme, subject to approval by the Game Master. A Quality entitled “Archaeology”, for instance, may be placed in a Deck with “Analysis”, “Research”, “Museum”, “Languages” and other such things in a deck entitled “Professor”.

The Quality System

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