The Pyramid

To create a character for Victor’s Era, a player will need to generate the Pyramid. The Pyramid is a triangle of playing cards made by drawing six cards in a sequential order and pattern depicted in the image below. Each card within the pyramid and its order defines the character’s basic Qualities and other traits, as well as orientating them within the world of Victor’s Era.

the pyramid

Decks and Qualities

As players go through the Pyramid, they gain both Decks and Qualities. Qualities gain from the Pyramid are automatically situated within the character’s established Decks. All Qualities gained from the Pyramid begin at a rating of five. This may be increased to eight if the character chooses to take a Flaw with their Quality. If the character chooses to a Boon with their Quality, the Quality rating is reduced to three. Should the character take both a Boon and Flaw with their Quality, the rating remains at five. When purchasing Qualities, Boons and Flaws are optional.

The Pyramid

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