The Corpse Factory & Other Tales

Editing has begun on Over The Top: The Corpse Factory & Other Tales. A series of three short level one adventures for Over The Top and Labyrinth Lord at large, The Corpse Factory & Other Tales is designed to follow the Character Primer and Guide to the Past in providing all the tools current and prospective Labyrinth Lords need to kick-start their Party’s adventures on the Western Front of Magos. The adventures contained within The Corpse Factory & Other Tales are:

The Corpse Factory – in which the Party will investigate the mysterious theft of bodies from No Man’s Land.

The Golem of Themar – pitting the Party against the fabled Wood Golem.

The War Below – seeing the Party delve into the tunnels beneath No Man’s Land, facing the Trench Rat scourge that dwells there.

Each adventure is designed in a narratively loose manner than can be employed for either side of the conflict – Alliance or Compact – or adapted to Labyrinth Lord games as a whole.

The Corpse Factory & Other Tales

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