It Bleeds!

The Bleeding Mind has entered the editing phase of game design. What’s that mean? It mean’s we’ve been play testing it for a while now and we’ve become confident enough in the content, the text and the rules as written to move things along. As it stands, the Bleeding Mind has become more than a Psychics supplement for Big Damn Dryden, but instead a definitive growth of the rules and setting. The Bleeding Mind has set the template for how small corporations, criminal organizations, secret societies and other entities beyond the Big Three corporations will come to function in future supplements and games. The Bleeding Mind also adds some wildlife and a few other nice bits and bobs to the rules. The Bleeding Mind additionally comes with a full length adventure, complete with a detailed mini-setting, for Game Masters to use either narratively in their own right or just as another cool place for players to visit.

And following The Bleeding Mind, work has begun on the third supplement for Big Damn Dryden entitled Patrons and Vassals. Where The Bleeding Mind dealt with the unstated aspect of the rules, Patrons and Vassals addresses the unstated portion of the setting – focusing on small corporations and subsidies, planetary governments, religions, criminal organizations and more.

It Bleeds!

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