Apeirogon in the Works

A while back, Owlman pitched to Dryden House an adaption of the Big Damn Dryden system to a fantasy setting. The idea of this fantasy setting is a realm made up of infinite planes. Each plane is, for all intents and purposes, a fully self-contained world. In each plane, there is a point of opening into Amplitudedron – an immense dungeon beneath the soil of each plane. Amplitudedron is uninhabited except for monsters. No plane contains any established fantasy race of any type, including humans. In this sense, Apeirogon is a fantasy setting that draws more closely from things like Magic: The Gathering, Endless Legend, Mortal Kombat and other contemporary interpretations and takes on the genre than it does the classic ideals of Tolkein and the idea of singular created fantasy space. The game itself, as it is coming together, retains much of the tropes of a standard fantasy roleplay game – Race, Class and Alignment – but no one choice is not integral to a character than another. All three are equally valid and important; providing not set traits, powers or behaviours but a definitive selection of advantages and character options that are largely evocative of the ideas behind the Race, Class or Alignment. The Classes are to be Combatant, Practitioner (mage) and Scallywag (combination rogue and ranger to be the “skills” class). The Alignments are to be Dark (emphasizing the self), Gloom and Light (emphasizing the world). As for races, well, lets take a closer look:


The space between the Planes was not empty when the Formicid built the Amplituhedron. Rather, it was inhabited by the dwellers between, the lords of nothing, the empty kingdom… the Infrak.  Indeed, just as the Formicid built the physical space of the Amplituhedron, so too did they slowly fill the void and in doing so, forced the Infrak into physical existence. The transition forced the Infrak to take on the elements around them – the cold stone the Formicid laid into the Amplituhedron and in the process, the Infrak were transformed into elemental beings. They became precarious citizens of the Formicid Empire, at home at its heart while at the same time landless outcasts. As such, the Infrak spread across the Planes – dwelling above most Planes in kingdoms that float above the soil on islands of Earth, are found in bubbles of air beneath the waves, or in the magically cooled hearts of active volcanoes.


An insect-like breed of Humanoid, the Formicid race is one of city-builders often cited as being the architects of Amplituhedron. Indeed, most notions of common notions of civilization across the Planes, such as the All-Tongue which has roots in ancient Formicid dialects. While their great work has fallen into disuse and disrepair by the Formicid, the insect-folk have been spread out across the many planes of Apeirogon. Here they burrow beneath the soil and through the fabric of reality, creating their underground mega-cities.


On the Plane of Isern, the ancient ancestors of the Golamor were dying slowly from the Necrodemic. Dying, the Mages of the Golamor took the bodies of those still-living and encased them in sustaining suits of specially sealed, all-enclosed armor. From that day onwards, the Golamor knew neither touch nor taste of food – instead forced to feed on the life-essence of other creatures. With their hunger, the Golamor transformed Isern into a corpse-world and engaged in a slow war of cannibalism against their own kind until they discovered Amlitudedron. Striking out across the Planes, the Golamor raised their banners of war.


Apeirogon in the Works

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