Big Damn Battle-maps

Currently sitting on my editing pile is a Big Damn Sci-Fi supplement entitled “Dungeon Amongst The Stars”, a Core Companion. Dungeon amongst the Stars introduces mechanics for using miniatures and battle maps into Big Damn Sci-Fi. Battle maps and miniatures in roleplay games is a style of rules that are more closely associated with Dungeons and Dragons and other such games where combat matters. And while in the past I’ve been quite anti-miniature in roleplay games – opting for literary over literal depictions of combat – my experience of playing roleplaying games – particularly 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future – that use this style of combat mechanic has largely been positive. Nor was adding battle map mechanics to Big Damn Sci-Fi, simply a re-conception of space – particularly ranges. This re-conception does not, however, rewrite or break existing rules – only tweak how character Traits are used. For instance:


Characters can move across the battle map a number of squares equal to their Vitality. If a character wants to climb a terrain feature, they may do so with a successful Shatter roll – scaling the feature a number of inches equal to the distance they would have moved. Likewise, a character may rise from prone as a movement action but may not undertake a second movement action.

Big Damn Battle-maps

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