Big Damn Space Battles

Over the last few months I’ve bene fairly engrossed in fine tuning my first wargame – Big Damn Space Battles. Naturally being the first time I’ve ever written a wargame, though I’ve had years of play, its taken a bit to get into the mindset. I started out writing it with the starship combat rules I wrote for Big Damn Dryden, adapting those rules to include distances, movement and range. Since then we’ve fine-tuned them quite a bit developing a move-response-move mechanic (e.g., I move a ship, you move a ship) so that the game acts in rounds with each player doing something. It also stops one player getting battle field supremacy in any easy fashion. The game itself is set in the Dryden Universe in 2503, the same timeframe as the roleplaying game, and based around the corporations – Lin, Syrch and Terra. Mechanically, Syrch ships are proving to be very cheap and disposable, Terra costly but enduring and hard-hitting with Lin lingering somewhere in the middle. The game itself will not use miniatures but cards, moved about the play space, to represent terrain features, ships and other such phenomena. There will be three decks unveiled – one for each of the corporations with enough cards to play a basic 100 point game or a hulking 300 point apocalyptic battle. It should be out in a matter of months.12391063_434309190097956_988351646393938926_n

Big Damn Space Battles

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