The Neptune dropped from the Frame, joining the rest of the fleet in the black, empty void. Captain Drake stood on the deck, hands resting behind her back, eyes half-closed waiting for the report, smiling and nodding as her first officer announced: “we stopped on the dime, Captain.” A second later the enemy fleet came into view, swinging in hot as a swarm of fighters launched from a Terra Corp carrier, arching a majestic forty-five degree arch, deploying a payload of bombs along the breadth of the Neptune. Captain Drake kept her calm even as the Neptune rocked, Mobius Shield flaring. Turning to her first officer, Drake remarked: “swat those gnats.” And with a word from the officer, the Neptune’s guns roared into action. Even as they did, Captain Drake raised an eye brow – gazing over her Utility Officer’s shoulder to the screen of their console. “Captain,” the utility officer began, “we’re…” “I see it,” Captain Drake interrupted, “it seems we’ve captured the attention of a much bigger quarry.” The Destroyer came in slowly, almost drifting through space – lumbering its way towards the Neptune. Several smaller ships, Frigates, opened fire on the Destroyer but the beast ignored them, instead targeting the Neptune sending flashes of red streaking across command consoles before Captain Drake’s eyes. Captain Drake cleared her throat. “Do give it some hell,” she commanded.


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