Songs From Space

With the Dryden Space Battles Kickstarter in full swing (you can see it HERE), Dyden House has decided to add our first stretch goal – the Ile Solitaire – to the mix. The Ile Solitaire are human-cetacean hybrids, enhanced through cybernetics exploring and dwelling towards the galactic centre. That is to say, the Ile Solitaire are cybernetic space whales. While perceived as Alien by Main Line humans the Ile Solitaire originated from Earth, but have since colonized their own space. The Ile Solitaire ships function fundamentally differently to other starships in the Dryden Space Battles game, having a dedicated front and back. But also being smaller, and absent crew – instead piloted by a single mind and entity. As such, the Ile Solitaire make for fast, manoeuvrable creatures that gain a tactical bonus from their unity.


Songs From Space

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