Framing Drive Engaged!

After months of work and weeks of tense Kickstarter craziness, Dryden Space Battles is fully funded. That means that we will be seeing the base sets, containing three fleets for each of the Big Three Corporations – Lin, Syrch, and Terra – from the year 2503 and the Premier Era coming out very soon. For those still scratching their heads wondering which corporation is for them, here’s the Owlman’s (um… that’s me, referring to myself in the third person) rundown of which Corporation is for you:

  • Lin are a fairly sturdy middle ground. Their statistics are neither low nor high and their points cost is moderate. Most Lin ships can take a hit and give a decent one back. Consider playing Lin if you like a flexible approach.
  • Syrch are the cheapest of the fleets in terms of points cost. Syrch ships don’t hit hard nor can they take too many blows. That said, Syrch can be purchased in greater numbers than any other fleet and they can use this numbers advantage to swarm the enemy. Play Syrch if you enjoy having cannon fodder.
  • Terra’s ships are big and hard hitting. They can take multiple blows and dish out maximum punishment. Terra ships are, however, the most expensive in the game and will likely equate to being the smaller fleet on the table. Play Terra if you want to run a small, elite, fleet.
Framing Drive Engaged!

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