Rough Rider

They came in hard, their steeds cutting long deep canyons in the tall grass along the woodlands edge. High helmets adorned with horse hair that fluttered behind, lances down and set, jaws gritted together hard, legs digging into the beast’s flanks as the mounts broke into a gallop, sending a thunder of hooves echoing across the open space. Dwarf-forged machine gun fire erupted from the trench-line as they approached but the assaulting Elven cavaliers kept their pace, knowing that their stallions – bred from the finest stocks and enhanced with alchemical lotions and enchantments – were fast enough to challenge the rapid gunfire. The Captain had taken the lead, war-cries echoing about the world around him when the leg of his horse exploded. Suddenly three legged and riddled with shrapnel from the landmine, the steed fell forward hard, throwing the Captain as it collapsed. A moment later the captain was crushed by his comrades, with a spluttering of explosions sending them to similar fates.


Rough Rider

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