Back propped up against some fallen debris, Jonathan lay in the derelict vessel as it drifted, absently, through the void. On the viewing screen the universe drifted by, with flares of battle off in the distance – contrasted against the vast emptiness of space. Sparks rained across the bridge and Jonathan found himself wondering why spark plug technology had been abandoned. Surely it would stop overloading portions of star-ships, damaged from battle, exploding and showing the crew with sparks. Jonathan recalled that was how he got into this mess. A crewman had questioned the captain. The captain responded by ordering a security officer on the bridge to unbuckle his gun as a threat against insubordination. The security officer took to holding it when the ship was hit. The officer, showered in sparks, accidentally fired the weapon. It struck the captain. Then, anarchy as the crew panicked and the enemy kept firing. Jonathan was shot in the chaos and didn’t know if the others thought he was dead when they abandoned ship or didn’t bother to check. And in the end, as Jonathan gazed into the vast abyss of space, it didn’t matter. There was only… black.



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