Thaw on the Eastern Front

Just yesterday I completed the writing of The Eastern Front for Over the Top. It has artwork by the ever amazing Kat Heywood and an all-new map by myself and my wife, Stacey (otherwise known as the Legless Ballerina). What made the Eastern Front so fun to write and play with was the fact that it’s so very different from the Western. Where the Western Front emphasizes the Steampunk aspect of Magos, and the iconic trench-warfare of World War One, the Eastern emphasizes the fantasy in our setting. On the Eastern Front you will find few of the trench-lines that define the west, instead there is a wide frontier zone divided by deep marshes, high mountains, wild woodlands and pre-industrial kingdoms. In this space the armies of the Elven Compact and Alliance of Many Races push back and forth, gaining and loosing vast swaths of wilderness in an effort to outmanoeuvre one and another. For the Eastern Front and its wild spaces we also introduce a brand new class for Labyrinth Lord – the Scout, a frontiersman-style rough rider, long range fighter, tracker and explorer.


Thaw on the Eastern Front

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