Big Dam Dryden Freebies: April Fool’s Day

Last year for Halloween, I presented rules for Zombies in Big Damn Dryden. Those rules were “officially unofficial,” meaning that these rules have been made by myself – the Game Designer of Big Damn Dryden – but they’re not part of an official release through Dryden House. Here we are at April Fool’s Day and I thought I would do the same. This time with a selection April Fool’s Day guns! That’s right… hilarious and bizarre weapons of tomorrow to outfit your Cubies with (Game Master’s permission pending!). Most of these guns are not made by anyone of the Big Three corporations, but are instead novelty pieces made by individual craftsmen and unique small operators as a sign of wha can be done, rather than what conventionally is.

Broomstick (Ranged Weapon, 2 Handed)

This Sniper Rifle is in practice, actually a small rocket that has one hell of a kick-back when fired. If ridden like a witch’s broomstick (thus the name), the weapon is capable of propelling its wielder through space as a starship (provided the pilot wears the appropriate gear, i.e. a Space Suit) or the air as an aircraft. Using it as both a starship and a weapon simultaneously requires a Multitasking Roll. After the Broomstick is fired, the attacker automatically takes off and requires a Shatter roll not to do so.

Cost       Bonus   Notes
15           +4           See “Patrons and Vassals” for Sniper Rifle-specific rules.

E              F              S              U             M (in atmosphere only)
1              4              0              0              -1

Healing Machine Gun (Ranged Weapon, 2 Handed)

With bullets loaded to the brim with hyperactive, short-fused Juice infusions that repair damage faster than it can occur in a short time span, this machine gun actually heals a target when struck. When successfully hit with an attack from the Healing Machine Gun, the target instantly heals a quantity of damage equal to the amount that would have been inflicted.

Cost       Bonus   Notes
20           +5           Re-roll 1s as well as 6s.

The Gun That Shoots A Cat (Ranged Weapon, Use 1)

The name says it all. This Ranged Weapon fires a cat at the desired target. The gun is in fact a small, clunky cryogenic storage unit that propels the stored cat at the enemy. The actual force of the ammunitions impact doesn’t do much in the way of damage, but once hit struck the target has a very angry cat to deal with (which will attack each turn). Once fire, the gun is more or less useless until another cat can be imprisoned inside the gun. The cat counts as a Terrestrial Domesticated Carnivore and has a cost of 3 to purchase.

Cost       Bonus   Notes
5              +1           None.


Big Dam Dryden Freebies: April Fool’s Day

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