Salvanas had killed the bear’s rider. He had thought the beast would simply lose all will to fight, but instead it only engaged the great shaggy bear – prompting it to charge at Salvanas. The Elf’s unit had scattered to avoid the monster and Salvanas had gotten separated from his them, finding himself in a maze of back alley ways and streets. Salvanas had been advised that the riding bears of the Moghund were not as savage as their wild counterparts, but as it sniffed around trying to find the Elf, Salvanas scarcely believed it. Propping his back firmly against a wall, Salvanas hastily reloaded his rifle and prepared a frost spell. When Salvanas saw the creature’s snout emerge, sniffing along the ground he burst forth – blasting the bear with freezing arcana. The bear stopped in mid-motion, covered in white frost and frozen in place. It gave Salvanas the moment he needed to level his rifle and shoot. A second later, the ice shattered and the bear roared forth. There was little Salvanas could do.


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