Walking it Out

A little while ago, I wrote some of the first new material for Frankenstein Atomic Frontier. With the Revised Edition now in print, most new material for Frankenstein Atomic Frontier will be more robust but far less frequent (compared to the quarterly releases of the old edition) books, coming out in print. The idea is to provide with each new book a substantial addition to the game, characters, the setting and the rules. The next book currently in the works is entitled “The Rangers,” and brings a level of survivalism and civilization-building to the Sublime wasteland of Frankenstein Atomic Frontier’s post-apocalyptic future. Included in the Rangers are rules for managing and carrying supplies, setting up Ventures and other aspects of civilization, rebuilding and so forth. It also includes a large, open-world sandbox-style campaign that can be ran as a single na8a.jpgrrative or an ongoing campaign. Using a series of tables and random events to manage the narrative and progression, the Rangers campaign can potentially be played indefinitely by a group. It also features a variety of new Folks (such as the Mayor and Mechanic) along with new Bad Guys such as the Big Braintrust, the Boonga (blue carnivorous kangaroos), Special Parts, and Gear items. Speaking of Gear, Frankenstein Atomic Frontier: The Rangers also features the return of Killbots and Gear Parts – updated for the revised edition!


Walking it Out

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