Fly Bird

Birdie rolls through the flat. Hearing the commentator buzz over the radio, Birdie is reminded that she has fallen behind in the race. As the machine begins to approach the climb – a massive, artificial ramp reaching high up into the sky, Birdie is reminded that she still has a chance to win this race. Pushing her foot and the accelerator to the floor, Birdie’s car approaches the climb – shaking and rattling with the friction of the road. Hesitantly, Birdie reaches for the leaver and slowly places her hand upon it. Taking a breath, uttering a prayer, she yanks the leaver down, hard. The Mobius Reactor kicks into gear with a hum, in response the car’s path becomes smooth and quiet and the machine thrusts itself forward. Fire streaming from the machine, trailing behind her, Birdie hits the ramp and – heart pumping – re-joins the racing pack, darting and weaving her car through the other races rocketing up as they engage the climb. The commentator’s words screech like gigantic birds of paradise in her ears as she rockets forward with Birdie slowly coming to the realization that she is back in this race.

Fly Bird

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