Go Charlie X Go!

Recently, Dryden House approached me about writing a Racing themed supplement for Big Damn Dryden to support their sponsorship of Charlie Martin Racing. Naturally, I said yes. The supplement, entitled Charlie X, forms a set of Dryden Universe materials set within the Main Line system of 2503 and is paired most prominently with Liquid Fire Racing, a web comic written by Katie Papilio and artist Kat Heywood (who folks familiar with Owlman will know from her work on Over The Top). The supplement itself features both racing rules (naturally) and fully customizable, modular car construction rules. What makes Charlie X fun and different, however, is the race themselves. Races take place in three stages of point-to-point track. In the first stage, racers move through what is known as the Flat – a level section of track . In the second, racers come to the Climb – either a mountain or artificial incline (such as an immense jump). In this section racers engage their Mobius Reactors before approaching the third and final stage – Take Off, when the vehicle comes to the end of the incline and the track itself, rocketing into the sky above with the aim of breaking atmosphere and entering orbit. Should a racer fail to enter orbit, their race is considered invalid. The racer that achieves the best time from start to finish is considered the winner.


Uncharacteristically, we’re looking for playtesters for this supplement. If anyone is interested, drop me a line at nonefornic@yahoo.com.


Go Charlie X Go!

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