May the 4th

Because its May the 4th here in Australia, I thought I’d do one of our “officially unofficial” releases, this time for Big Damn Sci-Fi since the game is Space Opera and goes well with our May the 4th bundle! What that means is that these rules are fully playable and usable in your Big Damn Sci-Fi games, but they have not been through the same level of testing as our usual releases. At any rate, May the 4th be with you folks!

The Cosmic Order of the Star Knights

The Cosmic Order of the Star Knights was an ancient chivalric peace keeping fraternity, unified in its belief in peace and following of the Cosmic Consciousness. Guardians of peace and purveyors of justice in the galaxy for thousands of years, the Star Knights were known as a combination of warriors, diplomats and lay-priests. The badge of their office and mark of their arts was their Laser Sword armaments. Led by the Grand Master and a council of Masters, the Star Knights and their Squires operated from vast Fiefdom-based Keeps located throughout the galaxy. At some point in their history, however, the Star Knights and their Fiefdom outposts began to grow large and prosperous and this brought the wrath of the galaxy’s rulers down upon them. The emperors, rulers and overlords of the galaxy feared the Star Knights would eventually turn their hand to ruling and overthrow the established powers. Worse still, when striking against the Star Knights, their enemies turned to the Id Order. A twisted opposite of the Star Knights, the Id Order also followed the Cosmic Consciousness, but emphasized its instinctual, primal unconsciousness. Soon the Star Knights fell into disarray and while some Star Knights remain to this day, they are lonely singular wanderers – not the grand and shining wardens of hope they once were.

New Armoury: Laster Sword

Item                      Type                                      Bonus   Notes

Blaster                  Armour/Weapon             +2           Double Bonus, Melee*

Cane                      Armour/Weapon             +1           Double Bonus, Melee**

Cross-bladed     Armour/Weapon             +2           Double Bonus, Melee***

Double                 Armour/Weapon             +2           Double Bonus, Melee****

Standard              Armour/Weapon             +2           Melee

*Maybe used as a Ranged Weapon. If doing so, the Blaster Laser Sword loses all benefits to Defence. Melee and Ranged mode can be swapped once per combat action.

**The Cane Laser Sword looks just like a cane or walking stick until its blade is activated and thus cannot be identified on sight as a Laser Sword.

**Projects a blade from both ends, allowing to be used like a staff and providing extra reach. When both ends are activated the Double Laser Sword provides +1 bonus to attack rolls.

***Projects two, smaller blades from the top of the hilt, just below the blade. Provides +1 Defence against Melee attacks for an added parrying benefit.

May the 4th

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