The Extermination War

So recently I started work on the next Big Damn Dryden supplement book entitled “Flashpoints of Tomorrow.” The book itself details the variety of different eras in the Dryden Universe’s long cosmology. Most of these are defined, within the book and the setting in general, in relation to the Primer Era of 2503. One, the Extermination War, is positioned directly before the Primer, while the others deal with the legacy of the Corporations and the Main Line systems. I’d thought it would be fun to give everyone out there a little teaser of each era, so let’s take a look at the Extermination War:

Retrospectively, from the perspective of 2503, the Extermination War is part of the First Resource War. Ranging from 2037 to 2215, for those living in the time and after the First Resource War was a string of conflicts stretching out over the course of a century. One of the most aggressive conflicts within this period is the Extermination War, a short but massive war with extensive use of chemical weapons and ending in a limited nuclear exchange. While the Extermination War was brief, its aftermath left much of North America and Eurasia depopulated and some areas of the earth completely uninhabitable.

The Extermination War was preceded by a decade of conflicts known as the African World War. Ranging from 2037 to 2045, the African World War was prompted by gross poverty across the African continent in the mid-21st century. This deepening of existing conditions faced by Africa was prompted by a mixture of population growth, the emergence of the Morbus Novum virus, and greater demand for natural resources by the First World’s own growing populations. The African World War concluded with China in control of the African Continent. The aftermath of the African World War destabilized the existing world-power balance and prompted a new conflict four years later, the Extermination War, between the United States and European Union allied against China.

The Extermination War

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