The Belle Epoch

So recently I started work on the next Big Damn Dryden supplement book entitled “Flashpoints of Tomorrow.” The book itself details the variety of different eras in the Dryden Universe’s long cosmology. Most of these are defined, within the book and the setting in general, in relation to the Primer Era of 2503. One, the Extermination War, is positioned directly before the Primer, while the others deal with the legacy of the Corporations and the Main Line systems. I’d thought it would be fun to give everyone out there a little teaser of each era, so let’s take a look at the Belle Epoch

The Primer Era of 2503 ends with a bang as human supremacy over the Main Line systems is challenged by the Europan, the sentient planet-wide lifeform that dwells on Europa. No longer content to watch the Corporate entities overtake all other life in the universe, the Europan spawns organic weapons – living creatures and starships designed to annihilate the Corporations and cull the human population of the Main Line. The Europan’s war is joined by the Ile Solitaire, who seizes the moment to ensure their future in the new order – aiding the Europan. By the conclusion of the conflict, the Europan has seized the Sol System and exterminated much of the human life that dwelt there – particularly on and around Europa itself. The Ile Solitare fill the a vast number of Main Line human systems with ripplers, devices that disrupt Framing Drive technology and stop faster-than-light travel into and out of the systems.  Effectively both conditions and the fall of the Corporations mean Humans are cut off from the Main Line and while some do remain there, they dwell in a fragmented society. But far beyond the Main Line, on what was considered the colonies and fringes of the Main Line, the absence of the Corporations allows new human societies to grow.  So it is within the Belle Epoch distant stars foster multi-planet kingdoms and empires that spring up from vigorous planetary formerly-corporate governments or as the result of an visionary warlord, almost overnight. This kingdoms amongst the stars burn with grandeur and passion, and often vanish almost as quickly as they appear – being overtaken by another throne, equally as brief and prolific.

The Belle Epoch

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