The Dark

So recently I started work on the next Big Damn Dryden supplement book entitled “Flashpoints of Tomorrow.” The book itself details the variety of different eras in the Dryden Universe’s long cosmology. Most of these are defined, within the book and the setting in general, in relation to the Primer Era of 2503. One, the Extermination War, is positioned directly before the Primer, while the others deal with the legacy of the Corporations and the Main Line systems. I’d thought it would be fun to give everyone out there a little teaser of each era, so let’s take a look at the Dark:

The Belle Epoch abruptly ends around the year 40,000 as the Technoprey wake and begin their swarm. A species of homogenous energy encased in an exoskeletal shell, the Technoprey dwell for much of their lifespan hibernating in gas giants – undetected in the Primer Era except for a few exceptional encounters. Largely forgotten during the Belle Epoch, the Technoprey wake and begin to swarm towards any energy source they can find and devour it. Indeed the Technoprey are the reason for absence of the advanced galactic civilization in the Primer Era, having risen and swarmed the last time during the 21st century. The Technoprey swarms produce a vast series of panicked responses. The Europan – still in control of what was once the Main Line – recognizes the threat and attempts to bio-mesh its own bio-technology with the Technoprey. The idea was to create hunters that will attack and destroy the Technoprey. The result was the Scourge, a fast mutating variant of the Technoprey that come to also wreak havoc across the galaxy.  The every changing patchwork of Human Kingdoms and empires likewise attempts to combat first the Technoprey and then the Scourge by turning to advances in wormholes and dimensional travel. Unfortunately, this succeeds in only unleashing creatures from the Nightmare dimension into our reality. Worse it ruptures the dimensional space of the Reflective. The Reflectives exist in a parallel quantum state to our own dimension, manifesting occasionally as semi-visible, entirely ethereal beings – often mistaken for ghosts. Known since the Primer Era, with the rupturing of their dimensional space, the Reflectives begin investigating Humans to unknown means and ends. A time of trial for the Human Species, by the end of the Dark the conventional, Gregorian, calendar that had stood since 1582 is no more and Humans have been culled to one Species amongst many in the universe.

The Dark

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