Codex II

So recently I started work on the next Big Damn Dryden supplement book entitled “Flashpoints of Tomorrow.” The book itself details the variety of different eras in the Dryden Universe’s long cosmology. Most of these are defined, within the book and the setting in general, in relation to the Primer Era of 2503. One, the Extermination War, is positioned directly before the Primer, while the others deal with the legacy of the Corporations and the Main Line systems. I’d thought it would be fun to give everyone out there a little teaser of each era, so let’s take a look at Codex II:

Due to the loss of calendars, it is unknown at which point the Dark ends and Codex Two precisely begins. What is certain, however, is that in time, the Scourge devours the Technoprey and the Europan. Having devastated most of the churning and overturning mass of Human Kingdoms, the Scourge lack a sufficient food source and eventually face extinction, dying out across the universe. In this time and space, Humans are a rarity. Known as the Star Children, by this age of the universe they are now the ancients whose last few remaining refuges and vast ruins hold ancient technologies and magic’s. Other Species now clamour and compete for the wonders of these bygone ages, reverse engineering Framing Drives, cybernetics, genetic manipulation or else rediscovering the hideous sorceries of the Dark. In regards to technology further, Codex Two features a curious hodgepodge of old and new developments that sees archaic locally developed technologies combined with advanced rediscoveries. Fleets of open decked sailing ships, moored at space-docks and equipped with Framing Drives and atmospheric bubbles are not uncommon sites, nor are Space Dragons and other fantastic combinations.

Codex II

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