Blood Stains

Last month I was chatting to photographers and Legless Ballerina and from that conversation, two joint projects came about. Both projects will be new role-playing games, with settings jointly designed by Owlman and Legless Ballerina. While game design will be undertaken by Owlman, interior art will be the wonderful horror-fantasy photography of Legless Ballerina.  And it is the first of these projects I am pleased to announce today: Blood Stains.

Blood Stains is a Labyrinth Lord campaign setting with a twist. As many of you know, some time ago Owlman published a World War One-themed series of rules for Labyrinth Lord as part of our Over The Top setting. With Blood Stains, we are going one step further, and producing a series of modern rules for Labyrinth Lord and Vampire classes. Thus with Blood Stains, we are leaving fantasy behind all together and engaging in modern disaster horror – with the players as the monsters!


Blood Stains

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