Vampire Classes

Blood Stains does not use conventional Labyrinth Lord Classes. Instead, Blood Stains uses its own set of Classes and Saves to represent Vampirism. Though a Game Master – termed Overlord in Blood Stains – may certainly integrate conventional classes into their Blood Stains games, the game itself employs its own set of character archetypes: Dhampir, Feral, True Blood and Mongrel. Each of these classes reflects one of the generalist types of Vampire contained within the setting. For example:

  • Dhampir: Closer to human, the resulting child from a Vampiric infection while pregnant. Most Dhampir’s appear, outwardly, to be little more than an anaemic human.
  • Feral: Corrupted or mutated strain of the Vampiric virus, resulting in degeneration into a monstrous beast.
  • True Blood: Direct, blood-to-blood, infection with a pure strain of the Vampire virus. Each True Bloods is a fanged Adonis
  • Mongrel: The result of infection with the Vampire virus incidentally, such as through saliva or other bodily fluids or blood contact with an open wound. Mongrels appear mostly human, but with shark-like maws, talons and other features.
Vampire Classes

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